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:: Friday, October 25, 2002 ::

Given the fact that I have not attained many philosophical pieces of information or unforgettable quotations or insights that have made my life a little different, (better anyway), This is one of them: "You have to work to be lazy." Dick Walters was my ninth grade Algebra teacher and quite frankly, not a very exciting man. But, everyone has a good quality about him or her somewhere. My interpretation of what he was trying to say is simply: don't procrastinate. It's that easy. From an autobiography that's due in a month, to making dinner during you favorite television show. Get the report done as soon as possible. That way you don't have to worry about it later. Make dinner before the show comes on! but when he said it, it was probably a way to get us to do our homework. Must have been one of the many times that we would mona and not want to have an assignment on the weekend(some things never change).
As i started out on this relatively short journey through life, through thick and thin, both good and bad experiences, I was a normal child. In fact, I still am for the most part. I was a nice kid, aside from the dreadful tales which my mother tells me every now again, one of which happened while my mother, brother, and I were were flying to our new home in Elkin, North Carolina. Elkin is a small town with a small library which my mother had acquired a job at. On the plane evrything was fine, that is, until my brother woke up. Sean, being the nice young brother that he is woke up to the sight of me, my mother, and the man who was sitting next to us who was wearing extremely short shorts with Hawiian-like flowery patterns. Like I said, being the nice younger brother that he is, he started screaming bloody murder. Thank God my mom had known this was coming. As soon as he woke up my mom whisked him away to the bathroom to keep him quiet. Around the time that they arrived back at our seats, the stewardess was making her rounds. She came by and asked us if we would like breakfast. What a joke. My mom looked at her and said "I'll have two orange juices." the stewardesss handed us the drinks and set them in cupholders. I took a sip of mine, I guess I didn't like it, and gracefully poured it on the nice man who was sitting next to me's flowery shorts. Apparently startled by ice cold orange juice hitting his sleeping body, the man woke up from a somewhat disturbing slumber and glared at me as if I had just committed some horrible crime. He ran off, grunting and shaking his head. I turned and looked at my mother who was trying to kee Sean from laughing as loud as he had been, being a witness and all. My mother looked at me, try to smuggle a grin. So in fact maybe I wasn't the nicest kid in the first grade.
That's all for today
quote of the day: I don't care and you can't make me.

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