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Can't say that I'm ahead of my time, I fear my time will never come.
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:: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 ::

I wish everyone would just shut the fuck up man. I'm sick and tired of petty bull shit being passed around the group like a two dollar whore. I wouldn't mind that but that's not the point. Everyone just needs to stay home a couple of nights and see how everything works out. I think that it would be great. Noone could say anything to anyone and noone could overhear it to be able to say it to anyone else. Noone would be able to make up some gay insult that could make sense but doesnt, Amy. I dunno where im going with this. I got this peice of paper under my door today and it had options for the relief of stress and one of them was just to start writing. And me, being the typical college student that I am, don't have any paper so I decided to post a rant on here to keep myself happy because really there isn't much that happens in my life that is very interesting to someone other than a bored sociologist. I don't think I'm doin to well in college man. I'm pissin myself off with this whole thing. I don't have class until 11 in the morning but I've made to class less times than I haven't made it which kind of sucks becauseIi should start paying attention so I can actually go here next semester without being on academic probation. I dont think im failing anything right now except maybe Jazz Appreciation. I don't understand it either. I happen to be obsessed with music. It is kind of my life. That's the only thing that holds me together anymore. As long as I can just go downstairs and listen to Mudvayne or Slipknot or Metallica or whatever it may be, I'll be happy. Number two is my dad's guitar. Damn I play the hell out of that but I take care of it cus it's my baby. My dad said it perfectly:"Colin, if anything happened to that guitar, two things will happen; 1. I will kill you. 2. You might as well cut my dick off." that's the shit. Oh another thing, the sheet said not to correct yourself so if you are reading this and bitching about the errors, blow me. I'm really glad I'm on nates good list because really i've never done anything to him to make me an enemy. lol. fuckin mike:im on his friend list cus i aint never done SHIT!! to him. rightio. Yay i get to see Kay tomorrow. Goddamm you Mike. If you ruin it for the both of you I will kick your ass. If you want out of the situation with Kay then just tell her man. That's the kind of relationship you guys have. You can tell her anything that's on your mind. Ii find that really fuckin cool. Ok right now its 6 o'clock in the morning and I have class at 11. Boo on that. Lateron

:: Colin 1:53 PM [+] ::
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