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:: Monday, October 14, 2002 ::

ok really this blogger.com deal is pissing me off. it says it is unable to load the template file for my posts and i kind of need this blog for my english class. well, hopefully she will accept it for my journal assignments instead of me having to write everything down in a notebook. that would be awesome. yay in finally blogging on here again but if the . mike seems to think that it works rather well and he doesn't have to deal with this nonsense. i don't know. today was a fairly uneventful day. i'm not sure how i'm going to work this journal thing out because we get graded on how many pages our journal for that time period is. i wonder if she would have to grade it on basic content. if that's the case then i suppose i would have to start paying a little more attention to grammar huh? but that's no fun. I can't go apeshit on here and worry about starting each sentence with a damn capital letter but if that's what she is looking for then I guess some changes will have to be made.There isn't really much for me to write about now that i sort of have to write about something. funny how that works. i've decided to start playing my guitar a lot more now. i played yesterday for like three hours and my fingers hurt really badly. hahaha good shit. until next time kiddies.

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