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:: Monday, October 14, 2002 ::

Well all is well this evening as far as studying and such goes. Got all my Psychology homework done, which was some reading and then I had to write a mini paper. I hate those things. It's like the professor wants to know ahead of time wether or not you care, which should be none of his business until he looks at your grade. Math wasn't too hard, so I think on the next test I will do fairly well. On Thursday we get our take home mid-term tests so that will be fun. On Wednesday we have our Diagnostic test for English class. I'm still wondering why I'm in that class. I get kicked out of school for bad grades and they decide to put me in ASCK 090. It's like a sophomore english class you know? I just had Kay come over and dye my hair for me. I think it looks pretty cool right now and I haven't even spiked it yet :). Thanks again dear. i need something to write about dammit. i can't sit on here and type away for no reason. Someone needs to inspire me. And I don't mean hit me with a brick so I have a near death experience. I don't want to have to write about a near death experience. That would be cool though. As long as I died anyway.
Quote of the day: Hey! Here's a Message From the International Pancake Institute. It says" Fuck Waffles"

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