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:: Monday, October 14, 2002 ::

Well last night was interesting enough I guess. A-ron and I watched two George Carlin movies and they were fucking hilarious. We had to stop the movie and go out and smoke a cigarette to calm ourselves. One of them was just audio so we didn't actually get to WATCH both of them but the one we didn't watch was funnier than the actual movie file. It was funny because out of nowhere he would come out and say things like, have you ever noticed that mice don't have shoulders? If you put a necklace around a mouse's neck it would slide down to its waist and it would think it was a belt. Another thing he said was, have you ever poured glue on a bird? Of course you havent't, there's no reason to. My god when you hear things like that that just come completely out of left field, it's absolutely hilarious. Then he went on this whole bit about people who he thought deserved to die and how they should die. According to Carlin, people who carry their babies in those little backpack things deserve to locked in a portapotty and then set on fire. Slow drivers need to be strapped into a chair and beat with hammers. People with bumper stickers that say "We are proud parents of an honor student at whatever high school" need to be strapped in a chair and strangled in front of their children. Obviously Gearge Carlin is one odd guy but he is funnier than hell. I actually downloaded like three movies in one night last night as well. I got The Emperor's New Groove, which is one of Disney's best only because it is acctualypretty funny and I think that they were looking for a bit of an older audience, considering they swear a few times in that movie. I got The Knockaround Guys, which is the new Vin Diesel movie and it looks promising. Last but not least, I got PCU, which is sort of a playoff on National Lampoon's Animal House, only its about this guy who is visting the campus and he gets introduced to this fraternity who live in a place called the Pit. he basically tours the campus via running away from people who he has involuntarily pissed off, like the womanists and the the vegans who litter the campus protesting everything that has to do with meat. In the end, the damage bill for the pit comes and they need to raise 7,500 dollars by the next day to stay in the frat house or else the house gets returned to the original owners, who are a bunch of preppy guys who make up the population of Balls and Shaft, a secret frat that was supposedly disbanded in the late sixties. So naturally the only thing that they can think of to do to raise enough money is have a huge, campuswide party. So in the end, everybody is drunk and happy and they raise enough money, not to mention the fact that George Clinton stops by, lost on the way to a show nearby and decides to play at the Pit. All in all it was a really good and funny movie. i would recommend to any college student.
That's about it for now peoples.

:: Colin 6:15 PM [+] ::
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