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:: Saturday, October 12, 2002 ::

wow its been awhile since ive been on here.well another day has gone by and ive found out that there are actually people who give a fuck about what i do other than my parents:). but i didn't blog to bitch. i felt the need to keep tabs on my life for a little while longer. not too much and im not going to tell you all of my mad female retreiving secrets and skills but i think you will be alright without them.(that's because they don't exist:(). ok right now it's 2 in the morning and i have been drinking all night and a few minutes ago i walked outside to smoke a cig and bethe was out there. first off i could give a shit less what she does with her life from now on but i thought it was interesting that she was out there. as soon as i saw her i had to smile to myself. you know how you do those smiles to yourself where you kind of grin but only you know that it's happening? well i pulled one of those maneuvers. im not exactly sure why i did it, but i think it wasa because i was thinking anbout how sad it must be to have to do the things she does, being that she has to lie to people to attempt to get attention, which she does rather well unfortunately enough. i think i was secrectly laughing at her. man that must suck to not be able to follow your own personality to see where that gets you.. oh well. ha ha. yay i turned the big 1-9 on monday and i still feel like im sixteen. im still treated like the little brother everybody never had and ive been dealing with this for the past seven or so years and my god do you get used to something over the years. hopefully things will change. ok. this birthday was pretty cool because my parents didn't beat around the bush and treat me like I was eleven like they normally do. what happened was we went out to dinner and then had cake and ice cream at my house, i opened the two sirts that i got and got that the news that my partents are actually buying me a computer for my birthday which is the shit. i've been waiting for the updated version of Zeke(my current computer) for some time now. im not sure what kind yet but either way its going to be a decent computer because i gave the computer company specs for what i want and that's hopefully the only thing i will get. oh by the way, hopefully, if it all works accordingly, i will be able to do my english journal on here instead of having to write it all on paper but i still have to email her about that, so i have to make this one nice and long, which shouldn't be too hard (fingers crossed). this way i can be as honbest and forthcoming as i wish and i don't think that jana(teacher) will really mind that much. well lets see. what has happened to me lately? oh yeah, i met corey taylor. ONE OF THE COOLEST PEOPLE ALIVE RIGHT NOW! this was like last friday night i believe. a-ron and i had gone up to gfrafton for a little shindig with brian, jess, rod, debbie, and a few of her friends. a-ron and i decided to leave a little early and go home to get some sleep. we figured that we would stop at iron skillett to get some breakfast while we were still awake. we sat down and acted normal because we weren't aware that STONE FUCKING SOUR was sitting in the corner. if you've ever been tothe skillett you know where im talking about. they all got up and left and i was thinking and trying to figure out if i recognized any of them, which i didn't, and then corey came back to leave a tip. then this guy named dustin went up to him and asked if they were in a band. corey said yes and that they were stone sour. i shit myself. i then yelled at him and got him to come over to our table, which, wasn't that far away and talk to us. he came over and said that they were in stone sour and i asked him his name. he introduced himself as corey and i shit myself again. i coudn't move or do anything else for that matter. all i could say were things like "alright" and "cool." he asked us with a puzzled look on his face if we had caught the show at the rave that night and we said no and that we were broke. he looked at me and said "well i'll tell you guys what." "if you give me your names, i can have some tickets waiting for you at the chicago show at the house of blues." both of us shit ourselves. we rushed out an "ok" and we scurried around for a pen and a peice of paper. well we ended up with the waitress' light-up pen, which corey was freaking out over, and a nearby napkin. we gave him our names and we shook hands and he left to get on the bus and head to chicago. that was one of the greatest nights of my life. naturally, i was unable to sleep that night. then comes tha day of truth. sunday night, which happened to be the day before my birthday, so i was hoping for something to go right. well it turned out that almost nithing went right. we had an interesting drive on the way down there because a-ron was getting really pissed off at the traffic on the way into chicago. we got to the house of blues and we ended up having to get valet parking, which was only 16 bucks, but its the principle. we got inside and we went over to the will-call office to find out that we weren't on the list for tickets. gayness. then we went outside and i had to convinve a-ron to go to the show as compared to waiting outside or something. it ended up being a really good show aside from the opening bands more or less. i dont regret it. it was fun but really expensive. what a story. that'll be one that i tell to my kids for sure. ?.
i'd like to thank kay, for being somewhat of a big bitchy mother figure and getting me a slipknot hoodie for my birthday, a-ron for pretending that he doesn't love me :) lol, and mike for trying to be really cocky in madden and for the soon to be mine slipknot tobogan. and yes, it is a tobogan. none of this beanie shit. oh and by the way jana, the dates and times were all messed up on here until today and i couldn't get them to change to what they really were, which were spred out over the past week and a half.

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