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:: Monday, November 11, 2002 ::

Alrighty then. I just read an article online that was talking about adolescent suicide and how recent findings have suggested that life is a little tougher during the adolescent years. Recent findings? Really I was under the impression that people knew this already. I guess not. Of course adolescent life is a little tougher. When you get older you have responsibilities, yes, but that's about it. When you are a teenager you need to keep up with society in addition to having responsibilties. You have to know what clothes to buy, where to buy them, and who you are trying to be like when you do buy them. You have to know who your friends are or aren't, what the group will do to you for giving "losers" a chance, you have to do well in school, unless you are a scrub, in which case nobody cares about you anyway. There are a lot of things thaat one needs to think about while being a teenager. Eventually, as you head into the later teenage years you need to think about what college you are goin to attend, how you are going toafford it, which starts you thinking about jobs, and how much you don't want to get one because your friend already has one and he hates it, this helps you not. You need to deal with peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, the cops, school, trends, college, employment, bills (depending), getting a cell phone, getting a computer, getting a car, (unless your parents are buying you a car, in which case kiss my ass),getting your license before you get your license, and one of the worst things of all, puberty. When you think about all of these things every second of everyday, you get stressed out sometimes and you hop into your/your parents car and you drive it into the quarry.

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