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Can't say that I'm ahead of my time, I fear my time will never come.
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:: Thursday, November 14, 2002 ::

Let me tell you how much I hate blogger, kazaa, zeke, compaq, and anything else in this world that I don't particularly like. My name is Zeke. I am a computer with a 400 megahertz processor. I have kazza, msn instant messenger, winamp, and a small number of other programs running. Kazaa at the present moment in time is not running. My owner, Colin (God) is presently typing around a four to five page post on his blog. Kazaa causes an error somewhere. Ok, I can deal with this, so I shut it down right away. Windows Me, my current operating system goes apeshit. I fall down go boom. The blogger page expires simultaneously, and I shut down. Colin has no say in this. He is sitting here with an odd look on his face and I'm sure would like to throw me out the window. This is not the first time this has happened.
My name is Colin. I kill computers named Zeke.....

:: Colin 7:21 PM [+] ::
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