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:: Thursday, November 14, 2002 ::

Ok, I thought I'd let everyone know that A-ron is an asshole. Now that that has been covered, we can continue. With what exactly, I'm not sure of yet. Yesterday my english class had to meet in the library so we could research sources for our research paper. This made for an interesting sight. Imagine around fifteen (well fourteen not including me) standing around waiting for the reference woman to come aid them in figuring out how to navigate the search engine on the library's website. I was apparently the only person there who could handle myself in the library and find my soucres unaided. It took me about fifteen minutes to find them, browse through them, and check them out. Meanwhile, whne I go up to Jana, the professor, to leave, there are still about fifteen people waiting around for the reference woman. I find this pretty sad. I was under the impression (I understand that it is Parkside) that there was at least some level of intelligence floating aorund the campus somewhere. Granted there is, but only in small, rare doses.

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