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:: Monday, November 25, 2002 ::

Wassup, I figured I'd blog since i have to have 9 entries, or at least nine pages worth of entries. the only thing is, all my archives aren't showing up. it's only showing the last few posts and all of the other ones don't show up under the archives section. it's pissing me off since those make up a lartge portion of my entries thus far. oh well. It has been a while since i've blogged but not very much has happened. It's all due to the fact that I lead a very exciting life and each day is an action packed one. Right.... Igot my license back finally...yay! It's been six long months since I've been able to legally drive. I can't wait for thanksgiving. I will going to up to Green Bay to my aunt's house....yes, Mike, Bert's house...and spend thanksgiving with my family. It should be alright because I will get to shoot the shit with my cousins who are incidentally really cool. M ycousin Ben is supposed to be graduating UW Madison this year with an Art degree of some sort. i got a new shirt, it has three boxes on it: eating, sleeping, and excercising(this one has a picture of a guy lifting up a remote). Mike bought me a copy of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.It will be months before I'm done with it. I really appreciate him buying me a book. I've been meaning to do a little more reading with all of my spare time. This way I will have do to A LOT more reading.Sounds good to me. I finally activatedmy credit card. I'm not sure what kind of bearing that is going to haev on my life right now but I'ts working out fairly well right now. I was going to buy a couple pairs of pants but Kohls didn't have anything that I liked. I have only put my hair dye and that exercis shirt on it so far. My mom doesn't care what I get as long as I can pay for it when the bill comes. Except for cigarettes. She said that if she saw cigarettes on the bill that she would call and cancel my card. What a bitch huh? In other news, Mudvayne is finally coming back to Milwaukee!!! they're coming on Friday and I can't fucking wait for it. It's going to be awesome cus they are playing at the Rave and I will get some sort of chance to talk to them. I'm not sure what I would say though. I know exactly what they like to do with their fans, but I don't know if I could handle that. All they want is to engage their listemers in conversation instead of having people come up acting like they are gods or something. I should just tell them to come to skillett lol. That's where I met Corey Taylor anyway..I could engage them in conversation there. That would be the shit. Especially if mike were there so I could show them how cool they are in person. that would really be the shit. I really think that's what I should do, depending on what direction they are heading from there.

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