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:: Thursday, November 14, 2002 ::

*Wipes blood from hands* Ok I feel better now. So like I was saying. Fuck! Now I can't remember what I was talking about at all. I need something to do tonight, any suggestions? Awesome. Mike and Kay have already made plans to do something together, which is fine, but now I have nothing to do other than hang out with A-ron and maybe get drunk. I guess I can handle that. I gots to work tomorrow so I can make some money for Christmas shopping in Chicago. That is going to be interesting. Sometimes I wish Chicago wasn't as big as it is, so I could go and visit all of the places that I like there, but that would also take more than the time that we will have. That, and I don't remember exactly what stop each place is. Ok readers, ta ta for now, I'll proly come back on when I get back here.

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