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:: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 ::

One of the assignments (or, rather sugestions) for my English class was to freewrite for ten minutes and see what kind of wrinting style you would develop out of habit and eventually you would know exactly how you wrote and therefore would be able to criticize yourself based on your knowledge of youre own writing style. I figured I woul test this out seeing as I have only ten minutes left before I need to head off to Math class. Although in doing this "freewriting" you are not supposed to use punctuation or correct yourself which is kind of hard to do on a computer, I will go ahead and do whatever the hell I want-my blog-my choice-see how that works? Anywawy Onto a random inexplicable subject.....school. I am stil not sure what I want to do as far as next semester goes. I kind of want to stay and taqke some art classes here in the spring, but I also want to qwork for a while. I wsh they offered more night art classes, I would really go for that. My parents wawnt me to stay, as they insist that they can see my life from the long-term vantage point, and one of the reasons is money. I promised them that if I was working, I would do what I could to pay for tuition and the like so they would have less to worry about. they seem to be unable to understand this though. they say that I should stay at least for next semester so that I am able to take advantage of them being able to pay for me. they wil not be able to do this for much longer, seeing as my brother will be starting college somewhere. Well, ten minutes is up.

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