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:: Monday, December 16, 2002 ::

So yeah, it's finals week. I think I have figured out why they call it 'finals' week, other than it's the week when all of your finals are. It's the last week of school, and you FINALLY realize how much you have hated the last 15 weeks of school, and you FINALLY realize how badly you are actually doing in all of your classes. This sucks, I took my English final today, I proly got a C, I found out that I got a D on my researcdh paper, which is bullshit because she said it wasn't long enough and that I didn't have annotations included. Gayness! There is about a page worth of material on the entire fucking internet that has to do with Leo Fender and the histoey of his company. No wonder it wasn't long enough! I can't make block quotes take up the ENTIRE paper....Oh well. I got a B on my fianl essay, which is a third of my grade, so yay for that. I have my final final :) tomorrow, Psychology. This class sucks ass first off. Second, I sold my book without realizing I still had to take the final so I can't really study for it other than looking over the practice final and doing it over and over again. This some buuuullshit. Ok kiddies, i'll proly be back tomorrow to let the internet know how well I did. I wonder of he is going to have the answer sheet available...hrmmm.

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