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:: Friday, December 13, 2002 ::

This whole moving things could pose many an opportunity. If Mikey just up and left and moved to Chicago I'm still not quite sure how I would take it. I would be pissed, but not at him per say, I would be pissed that I haven't been able to do it for this long. i've wanted to live there for years now, but I never bothered with doing anything for Columbia, thus leaving me stranded at UW-Fucking Parkside. I am not very fond of this school at all. One of the things that was brought up in our convo about this whole thing, which is what we talked about the whole damn time, is the possibility of us starting out together. thia would mean many, many changes. I would have to hold off on Columbia until I was secure enough to go there, I had enough MONEY to go there, many other things. It would be really cool if we could pull it off, but that would be a real struggle. My parents wouldn't want me to do it, that's for sure, even if I had everything planned out. I would have to work here for a while, like until summer, and then we would move down there, both of us alredy having jobs secured. then I would have to work down there somewhere until I got settled, and then I would move into the dorms at Columbia, pending acceptance. God this would be the shit if it worked out. I know Mike is saying to himself "why wouldn't it?" but there are really a TON of things we would have to think about and plan for. I'm up for it though. ha HA!

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