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:: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 ::

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Colin's blog. Not much has happened today but I decided I would post something anyway. I found out day when my english final and final essay is. I also found out that every blog from now on is extra credit and we can get up to 20 points of extra credit. Why not post 20 pages worth of comments and ideas to get some almost free extra credit? That's the thing with this journal deal. It's really awesome because not only do I blog often enough anyway, but now I get a grade for the content. So, let's get started. A few days ago at IHOP I had an interesting philosophy conversation with Mike about the differences in art and how some people's artwork should be considered something other than art. I say yet again, if it weren't art, then someone would have come up with a different name for it by now. He really likes Michelangelo's David and I really don't understand why. It's a naked greek guy with an expression on his face that is supposed to have some sort of religious effect if looked at. I say no. It is a naked greek guy with a look on his face that resembles a feeling of accomplishment. That about does it. It doesn't capture man's drive to produce, accomplish, or live. Jackson Pollock has paintings that could do that to you if you were in a specific type of mood I'm sure. granted that Pollock and Michelangelo are not on the same level artistically, they are similar in that they both are artists. Mike disagrees that Pollock was an artist. He continues to think that there should be another word for something that doesn't have some sort of inspirational effect. So, then Pollock was a(an)______ist? I just don't understand why that should be even considerd a rational thought. That may have been a little harsh but, he called me ignorant first :). Oh well. I'm sane, not an objectivist. Objectivism is quite an interesting philosophy. Not everything may make sense if you are not a firm believer in it, butit does definitley have its ups and downs. In my opinion it is way to exreme for me. I would need something a little more watered down. It shouldn't be right or wrong. It shoudn't be good or evil. There should always be middle ground for the people who don't like you point of view. Like Purgatory. According to Dante, Philosophers would sit and mingle in the first level of purgatory only because they didn't neccessarily not believe on god, but they were studying other possibilities. That does make sense. You shouldn't severely punish someone based on the fact that their beliefs (on whatever subject) are different from yours. There was an example brought up about a man who works at the company that you own, and he does something that you don't agreee with. From Mike's objectivist view, he should be fired and that would be the end of it, as he is "incompetent" and unable to perform his chosen duty. I say no. I think that depending on how the man takes the knowledge of his "mistake", you could make a decision based on that. If he denies that he has made a "mistake" and that he is positive that it will help the company, and it ends up to be false, then you could make arrangements for him not to be held reliable for that specific duty. If that happens to be the whole of his job, then he should be fired. If the man accepts that fact that he has done something wrong, then he could be given a second chance to prove that he is still worthy of the job that he has. I very well could be that I am being a little too lenient on this but that is the way that I think a business should be run. If I am wrong, then maybe running a business isn't the thing for me to do. All I know is that firing a man based on a mistake, depending on what it is, is morally wrong and should be dealt with in a way that both parties can accept. I think that I will end the blogging for right now. I think I have something to do. I'm probably wrong, but just to be sure. If I am wrong I will be back.

:: Colin 5:58 PM [+] ::
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