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:: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 ::

Why not try this freewriting thing again?But first, something needs to come to mind...lol apparently someone has been calling my parents house that my mom says is asian. I'm not sure what they said, she didn't tell me but the first thing she said was "Are you selling drugs?" I thought it was pretty funny. She ended the message with "Honey, I love you, but I'm also on to you." I can't wait until Christmas comes. That not only is a holiday where I can shoot the shit with my family again for a while, but it also signifies the end of this semester, which I can't wait for. Actually it might be nice to never get my grades from this semester, seeing as they aren't really at all what I was expecting. I'm not sure how long this freewriting thing is going to last this time but it needs to go on for a little while longer at least. I need to have 6 journal entries by next week. Each page worth of entries gets me one of the six points. I got a D on my psychology test today. Not what I wanted at all. I don't understand it. I studied the material, I took the practice test, I went over it all day, but I still got a bad grade. Damn Conrad and his multiple choice tests that aren't easy at all. For that class I need to ace the final cus that's all that is keeping me from getting a D for the class and I can't be having any of that. Death to Conrad, and on that note, anyone named Ed just so I don't seem like I'm not an equal opportunity hater. Right now I am "recovering" from a not-so-bad case of chronic bronchitis. Let me tell you how much it sucks to have this shit at least twice a year, every for my entire life. It's almost like clockwork now. Pretty soon I'm going to have to timing down so well that I will be able to tell and have the ability to cancel plans and schedule my life around this shit. Two sudafed every four or so hours. It is a real pain in the ass now because I'm out of Nyquil, one of the greates over-the-counter drugs known to man. Now I'm having some trouble falling asleep because of having to cleear my throat in order to breathe/coughing/sneezing. I swear to god man, take a shot, and depending on where you live, drive home. If you live more than twenty minutes away, however, I would not suggest this treatmen. On a completely different note, I got to see my favorite band on friday. Mudvayne, in my opinion, is the greates band I have ever heard. This is quite an accomplishment, seeing as I have heard a song or two from a band or two. I'm not exactly sure on why they are so good either. that's what really gets me about them. When I listen to them, even with the new album, before I had heard anything, I could tell you exactly when what instrument was going to come in and exactly how the song would end. I am extremel impressed with how Kud (the singer) has developed his singing voice as well. He still screams, which is awesome, but he sing a lot more on The End of All things to Come than he does on L.D. 50 and I love him for it. Now all the people who say that they are just like Slipknot can shut the hell up about it. this album proves that they can do whatever they want and their real fans will still love them for it. Oh, and by the way, if anyone reads this and doesn't read Mike or Kay's blogs, which is pretty unlikely then here you go. These are people who I consider my best friends right now and really have surprised me at the way they are living their lives. especially mike but we can save that for another blogging.
that's all for today kiddies.
Quote of the day:Cause I live at home in a trailor......mom I'm comin home to you (Eminem-8 Mile)

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