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:: Sunday, February 09, 2003 ::

Not much has happened recently. Which is what sucks. Not like normally, when nothing ususally happens and we just accept as life in Racine, but now I feel as thought I need things to happen. Midwest Express needs to call me back, like on Monday. Lee's Hardware needs to call me back, on Monday. I don't want to have to call Vicke at Dollar Tree again and ask for my old job back, espcially if I would be cashiering...that sucks ass, you've all heard stories. I need to do something fun for a change, not necessarily on Monday, but soon. This sitting at the cafe bullshit sucks, especially when there are at least SOME other things that we could be doing. Sadly enough, there aren't very other options. Mike and I had a duscussion about this last night, while thinking of things to do. LIfe in Racine between the ages of 18-20: There is the cafe option, which everyone hates, but shows up anyway, clubs, oh wait nevermind, the damn bowling alley, which could possibly be fun if there were a lot of people there to talk to and good music on, driving around, which is fun until you hit deliverance country, then it's a little creepy, especially when you are lost :), and that about covers it. My thoughts on Racine when I moved here were that this place was big enouigh to handle a teenage crowd, but I was obviously mistaken. Driving to Milwaukee to hang out at ANOTHER fucking cafe isn't the most appealing thing in the world. These examples explain why our trip to Chi-town was so cool. Not only was it just us, and no one else to put with, but it was something that nobody would have done given the opportunity. Well, the opportunity is there practically every single day, so there is no excuse for not going more often. I'd rather go to Chicago than sit at Miggy's house and watch a fucking movie anyday. But, I'd also rather sit at Miggy's than sit at the cafe. Quick, somone think of something to do!

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