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:: Friday, February 07, 2003 ::

Well, I had an interview at Midwest express yesterday, it went pretty well I think. I'm supposed to hear from them sometime within the week. Only thing is, if I started working there, they really want a one year commitment. I don't know if I would be able to do that, seeing as I thoroughly plan on attending school somewhere in the fall. In other news, I have to retake my ACT test tomorrow morning. this should prove to be fun. I've taken the pratice tests online. I even payed them 20 fucking dollars to shaft me, but that's another story. The thing that stuck out the most throughout the pratice tests is...the farther along I got, and the more practice tests I did, I wasn't improving anything. I looked at the examples, I did the review questions, I read up on the parts that I know I'm going to have trouble with (mainly math, but that's not all), and still nothing changed. I'm not quite sure what I can do now, but I suppose I can still read some more of the book. I don't really feel like doing much else tonight. This is a good thing too because 2 years ago, when I took it the first time, I got all fuckered up the night before and went with a hangover, thus I got a 20. I'm shooting for a 25, and hopefully I will get it. If not, there's not much else I can do about it. I'm not going to take it again after this. And what's more, I have to go with my brother. That is going to be kinda weird.

Last night, I was shown this site. Last night, Zeke (my computer) contracted a virus from one of the games. My thoughts on this are that it was to game "Absolute." Why, I'm not sure of yet. It wouldn't load correctly the first time, and it was a little buggy while I was playing it. My advice to you: DON"T PLAY GAMES HERE. that, and don't let Kay show you websites like this :P

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