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:: Saturday, March 29, 2003 ::

Damn it's early. OK, I called my cousin Ben last night. He lives in Madison and is a fine upstanding citizen, as well as the proud manager of an area Jiffy Lube. I asked him if they were hiring, as I will need a job to compensate for my living expenses, aside from rent which I will have to help out with. He said that the best he could do would be to put in a good word for me with the owner, who does the hiring. He also said that he would look around for me, and assured me that going to work while attending school sucks "some serious ass." Thanks a lot. I am supposed to call him sometime next week and with any luck, he will have found someone who is hiring for part-time morning work. I haven't decided when I want to move yet though. I guess it all depends on how soon I would be able to start working somewhere. It would be nice to work part-time and have the rest of my time to scout out the area and get used to the city, if not meet a few people, either on my own or through him, I'm doubting it though. That would be cool for at least a week or so. My parents haven't told me yet whenther or not I should post a roommate wanted sign on the bulletin board at school yet, as they haven't gotten their FAFSA results back telling them how much they have to pay for school. So, depending on the few unknowns that are left floating around, I will be moving either early or late May.

Quote of the day: "I fall asleep to freeways far from here, spend half the night just drinkin beer." Machinehead

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