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:: Thursday, March 20, 2003 ::

Hey, I'm back, twelve days later. Went to the Mudvayne show, it kicked ass as I knew it would. B.J. and I waited out back for about and hour and a half for them to come out and sign autographs. R-ud(the bassist) came out right away and signed everybody's shit and took pictures and all that fun stuff. Then like an hour later Kud(singer) and Spug(drummer) came out, but Gurrg's wife was there and he was off in the other bus fuckin her ort soemthing so he didn't come out. Either way it was fuckin amazing, I got to chill with them for a minute and talk to them, amidst like 20-30 other people. They played world so cold, which I was shocked at.(Ha-ha nate) My borhter was there, stoned out of his mind getting the shit kicked out of him right by the front right speaker, it was funny. BJ went into the pit right before Mudvayne came out, and he got his ass beat as well. I hopped into the pit at about the fourth song, but towards the back where people don't tend to be COMPLETE assholes.

I sent in my application for MMI,Ishould be getting something in the mail within the next couple of weeks. God Ihope they let me in. I don't see why they wouldn't, as I didn't put anything anywhere about Parkside, but my english professor at Parkside wrote me a letter of recomendation, but I don't tink that will mean anything. I told the admissions counselor that I attended for a year and a half, but he said not to even worry about applying as a transfer student, as none of the credits would transfer anyway. I really didn't take any MIDI classes at Parkside. So anyway, yeah, they need to respond relatively quickly, that way if I get accepted I can call my grandmother and get the money she said she would give me, then I need to save some more up, then I can go car shopping. I should have about 3500 or so, give or take a couple hundred.

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