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:: Sunday, March 23, 2003 ::

I love days like this. everyone is in a relatively good mood and relaxed. My mom is in the living room watching some fifties girly movie, my brother is sitting on his computer, and everyone else is helping my dad run the dsl lines through the hous to everyone's computer. These are my favorite type of days. I love just sitting here, completely content, and having a blast doing nothing. This is what Sundays should always be like. People just do their own little thing that they want to do. The weekdays should be reserved for work and/or school, and the weekends should be for doing whatever the fuck you want to do. For some reason, I am in an awesome mood today. I have had a smile on my face all day, and it feels great. Aside from all of the things that I have to start thinking about, or am thinking about, which are pretty fucking stressful, I feel fuckin great. I'm sure this can't be a good thing. So, when Saddam's last operational chemical weapon gets launched, and our Partiot missiles can't get it before it hits us, and it lands on the Johnson building downtown, you can blame me; that's fine.
And on that note, I got into MMI, save their reception of one last letter of recommendation which I am about to confirm via email with my English professor from Parkside. After they call me saying they have received it, I need to sign an enrollment agreement, give them another hundred dollars to reserve my place in the summer class, and figure out exactly what apartment I want/need. I might end up living with someone else, which I would rather not do, me being me. Granted it is much cheaper to live with someone else, I would rather live by myself to assure that my shit got done. No, my shit is going to get done either way. The time has come for me to grow up a little bit more and learn my place, where I want to be, and make sure that I can get myself there. This is going to be a very tough summer, but the worst will be over after the first couple of weeks, which I am sure will fly by. I thank all of you for your support in advance, I know I needed it and will continue to, and I know I didn't use it to my advantage. Now, I have no choice but to get my shit together and step up and face life. I understand this and welcome all of this responsibility with open arms. With that being said, I am finished.

Quote of the day: "How do you own disorder?"-System of a Down

:: Colin 3:28 PM [+] ::
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