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:: Monday, March 03, 2003 ::

OK, some shit has definitely happened as of late. Lemme tell you about these people that, someone other than me knows....Beka Cristy, and Chris. They all overdosed on AMT/FAMT/5MB-AMT, pick one, they are all the names of the drug they took floating around. Saturday night sucked a lot. Not only because they overdosed, but because I had to drive Cristy, and of all the evil fucking similarities. Cristy started flipping out, we debated over what we were going to do, then I finally told everyone to kiss my ass and that I was going to drive her to the hospital. We got there, got her into the emergency room, everything was under control. Then there was Beka. She had left a bit before Cristy snapped. We didn't know exactly where she was. We knew she was at Jeremy's house, but we didn't know where that was. Amy called Nate (I think) and asked what was going on, she was informed of the situation and she went over to Jeremy's house, grabbed Beka, wrestled her into her car and drove her to the hospital as well. Everything was under control once again. B.J. and I decided to go over to Chris's house (where A-ron and Eric were already) and hang out with them for a little while. We were playing fuck your neighbor for a little while, then Chris started yelling random shit out of nowhere. This fucking scared me moreso than either Cristy or Beka, because Chris weighs like 220 and is relatively strong, plus whatever adrenaline boost this stuff gave him...ohhh the sites I saw. He was laying completely flat on his back..flailed around, rose into the air somehow, and hit his head on the CEILING!! This was a good 8 foot cieling. This freaked me right the fuck out. We weighed our options, then woke his father up and he called an ambulance. I decided to leave a little early as I was underage and we had been drinking, but right when I walked outside, the ambulance pulled up and I directed them to the basement where Chris was. They got a hold of him, how I have no idea, and got him restrained and put into a stretcher. I left Chris's house and drove to the hosputal and met everyone else that had showed up there. At this point Me, A-ron, B.J. Tim, Jodie, Dan, Dennis, Beka's mom, Beka's brother, Amy, Ray, Chris's parents (seperate houses), and Cristy's parents had all arrived at one point or another. They got Chris in, got him into the room "succesfully" (we're still not sure how many doctors/nurses were injured in the process), and that was the end of that. Let me tell you how close Nate, A-ron and B.J. were to taking it themselves, and how Eric and I would have been fucked. I would not have beend able to handle ONE more person taking that shit, let alone THREE. I would have snapped and driven them as soon as we took Cristy in, and I would not have let them leave, simply based on the fact that Cristy was the way she was. What have we learned? (NOT in Beka's words) DRUGS ARE BAD>>>>MMMMMMMFUCKINGKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I don't think I have spelled Cristy's name right once in this whole thing, but I don't care either). So, the next there is a party at Sara's house, give me a call once the drugs have been taken, and I will be over there in a few minutes to provide rides to the hospital and such..i.e., Mike...don't call lol.

1. Three people in the hospital.
2. First one out, noone really cares about.
3. Drugs were involved.
4. Nate=Me last lear, only with Beka (rhymes with dumb fucking bitch) not Aerin (also rhymes with dumb fucking bitch).
5. At St. Mary's (Rhymes with Evil fucking place)
6. I know for a fact that there are many others, I just can't think of them.


To keep stupid people away from me...please???

I'm moving to Madison....fuck you all...

:: Colin 6:08 AM [+] ::
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