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:: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 ::


Only now are there people that read my blog.......wtf? Maybe I will be on the 'Blogs we've noticed recently' link :)

I find it funny that if, by chance, someone reads this and then gets pissed off, they feel the need to tell everyone befoer they even think about talking to me first about it. But, that's the way it goes around here...for some people anyway. Myself included sometimes. I'd like to clarify things a little bit.

Amanda: Calm down lol. None of this was meant to have anything to do with you until you started the shit. I support you having a blog, you can say whatever you want, as I am not going to read it unless you give me the address and/or you want me to. I wasn't talking shit on the last post, I was making a reference to the fact that you told me to get a notebook, which I thought was pretty funny, and here you are getting a blog of your own.

Chris: You calm down too. Your girlfriend's name was not getting dragged through anything, so you have no reason to be pissed about anything like that. If you want to be pissed about the Beka thing, that's fine. I may not understand it, but it's also your choice and I'm not going to try and sway your mind from that, because it probably wouldn't work anyway.

Nate: ? I don't even know what to say. I'm not mad at all, I'm just kind of curious. Like, why you waited all this time to start thinking about what you are. I don't understand that either, but what the hell, why not.

Beka: Really, what I said was more of a joke than anything else, but you wouldn't know what I meant because you obviously can't talk anything out with one person, instead you need to tell people to look at this, tell them what was said/show them, and tell them what you THINK I meant. That's about all I have to say to you.

Christie: Aint got nothin to say about to her. I don't have any problems with Christie, save the mistake she made.

And the blame goes to.......

1. Jeremy, for not cutting it or whatevewr he needed to do, I don't know.
2. Beka/Christie, for buying it and handing it out, then taking it.
3. Chris, for taking it.
Other than that, there is no blame to be placed anywhere else regardless of what anyone says, I'm not taking responsibility for other people's bad decisions. I will pat myslef on the back for doing the right thing and taking Christie to the hospital, going over to Chris's house and making sure he was ok, until...., and calling the ambulance for him, as it was the right thing to do.

This post is NOT meant to pisss anyone off, but I'm sure I will here about it later on, this was meant for clarification for anyone who was curious, or doesn't understand my point. If you have any comments, please visit my site www.crazyfist.com , click on the guestbook, and say whatever you want there. Then it will be on the internet for everyone to see! Or, please come to me with you responses, if you have any, and I can talk to YOU about it.

Otherwise, CASE CLOSED

:: Colin 11:18 PM [+] ::
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