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:: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 ::

Hello everyone. Aint shit happened in the last few days. I'm going down to Ohio for a few days after Easter. I'm sure this time will be somewhat interesting. Last time they forgot what time I was coming down and had already left to go get shitfaced when I got there, that was fun. Lance really needs a cell phone. Then, two days after that, the day before I was leaving, they got kicked out of their house(Lance and his bro Aaron). We were smokin a bong in his back yard and we left the bong underneath his mom's van. When we went inside after smoking, I told him that we forgot the bong outside. He said "no man, I got it, it's right over there." It being pitch black in his room, as we were going to sleep and such, I believed him. Then I woke up to screaming and then I heard "Bill(Lance's father), call the police!" I woke up immediately, got dressed and ran for cover. I walked up to Lance, said "they found the bong didn't they." He said "fuck yeah, we are so fucked."Then we started walking down the street to a friend's house when the cops pulled up in front of us and searched Aaron cus he was being a jackass and a general asshole to the cop, who initially didn't realize who he was dealing with, then he remembered who we all were and took Aaron to jail immediately. When they left, both Lance and I took whatever drugs, paraphernalia, and whatever else we thought they would use against us, out of our pockets and dropped them into and cinder block about a block away. So yeah. This better not happen this time. That would suck.
Quote of the day: (me) "Hey Lance, when I come down we should go to Golden Corral man." (Lance) "No thanks, I'm not hungry."

:: Colin 12:42 PM [+] ::
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