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:: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 ::

Man, it seems like forever since I have posted on here. Well, without further adieu, here is what has happened as of late. I got back from Ohio yesterday. I had a fuckin blast man. We just sat and chilled and did pretty much nothing, which is what I had expected to do, and that was fine with me. I got to see all of the people I wanted to see, in addition to a couple I didn't really care to, and I met some new-ish people as well(you don't have internet access but you know who you are). Lance is doing pretty well, aside from being broke all the time, spending all his money on drugs and shit. We finally jammed and we cranked out two songs that we recorded onto a tape via a shitty old tape player/recorder dealy. The first song is kind of lame, (i.e. my mom said she loved it), but the second is a really fun song, but that doesn't come through very well on the tape. If you ever want to hear it, just let me know, but keep in mind that were in Lance's room upstairs, and it's just us. Guitar and bass. That's it. The second song also gets broken off for a second due to Lance's enraged father. He was pissed that we didn't answer the phone and he came in, told us that we were about to be the cause of the termination of a 32 year-long marriage, that he was leaving and never comong back, taking all of the money out of the bank, in addition to moving to North Carolina. Lance called his father a fuckin retard, then Bill(dad) came in and shoved Lance on the ground. Lance got up immediately, as did I, and then Bill left the room on went back downstairs. THEN, Lance's dumb ass went downstairs after him and called him a retard again. Boo. I stayed upstairs to pick up the shit that had got knocked over, when I heard Lance running up the stairs and his father right behind him. Lance got to his room, turned around to face his father, then was pushed onto the ground again, then he got up, then was thrown against the wall and dragged over all kinds of shit, including, but not limited to, guitars, amps, cords, and random other shit lying about the floor. Then Bill left. Then I started packing my shit up as it was time for me to leave to get to the airport. It's always something. Oh, and I should probably mention the fact the every time that Bill has been in a bad mood, felt like starting a fight, or is just mad at someone, that I know of anyway, he has said that very same thing. I was almost disappointed right before all of that because nothing had happened. I hadn't had an adrenaline rush of any kind thus far, and I can't be havin any of that shit. So, other than that little squablle, everything went great and is continuing to do so. I got my schedule for this summer today. It's a little intense, but there isn't much homework, as most of the work done is in labs/class and things of that nature. It looks like a really awesome school. It turns out that the admissions couselor and 2 of his brothers actually started the school in the late 80's which is pretty cool, This means he knows what he is talking about and dealing with, which I appreciate and think to be too good of an opportunity to even allow the thought of failure in anything at this school into my mind. I have 8 classes, each one day a week. All in all, I have been feeling pretty fucking awesome the last few days, and I can't put my finger on why. Oh, well. Let's hope this lasts for, oh, I don't know......30-40 years....

Quotes of the day: (me) "Mom, what do you want us to do with you when you get older?" "Oh, you can just put me in a home, I think I'd be really happy there, life is easy." Ok, well, what about dad, what does he want?" "Well, Colin, your father and I have discussed him and we figured out what he wants." "Ok, what is it exactly?" "He wants to be shot."

(me) "Dude, what the fuck happened? We had the song down fuckin perfect until you fucked up!" (lance) "Laughs" "What?" "I was playing, and then I started laughing, then I said to myself `OK, Lance, it's time to play serioulsy now, we are almost done.' That's when I fucked up." "Stop talking to yourself."

:: Colin 9:59 PM [+] ::
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