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:: Friday, June 06, 2003 ::

Hey. I decided after a month of not having the ability to use the internet that I couldn't take not blogging, not getting free entertainment :( :( :(, and other things of the "online" nature. So anyway here I am again. School is going well so far, most of my teachers are pretty interesting people and the classes themselves are interesting. Well, all except for the Personal Skillls Development class and the Basic Computer Skills(which, interestingly enough, the offer students who think they can, a chance to test out ocf the class via demonstrating their abilities to effiently navigate Microsoft Office 2000 (I had to buy a 60 dollar book.....hangs myself), the general computer and the internet. I can't wait till they let me know when the date is for that. I will be the first one there. Only thing is, you have to pass with an 80% or else you have to stay in the class. It's a one time deal, so me and Zeke are going to need some alone time for the day before or something. It's also a four hour class at 8 o'clock in the morning. Boo! So yeah, life's going pretty well minus the whole not having a job thing, but I'm workin on that when I have time. Only 14 weeks of school left and then a week long break...hallefuckinglujah.(I think that's spelled right). Until I get internet access up there where I can use trillian...cus msn just isn't the same anymore...:( bye.

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