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:: Thursday, September 04, 2003 ::

July 1st

Today wasn't really too decision intensive. I went to class and came home. I played guitar for a while, which is something that's going to be mentioned throughout this journal as it is something I love to do and am fascinated with. I play everyday, except for the weekends because I drive back to Racine to work because I haven't found a job yet, and I don't want to bring the guitar all the way down there and worry about the whole time. PLaying guitar is definitely going to have an impact on my future, as I am hoping to base my life around it and music in general. When I moved up here a made a few decisions. One was going to sever myself from the lifestyle that I had while i was in Racine, at least, for the most part. There are many reasons for this, and by no means am I talking about EVERY person I know, just most of the people. Another decision I made was that I am not under any circumstances leaving myself any room for failure as far as school goes. I may be a little hard on myself given past experiences, but for whatever reason(s) I feel more than comfortable.

July 15

It's been a pretty typical couple of weeks, life has been pretty dull. I have to find a place to get my guitar fixed. One of the pickup's screws fell out and the pickup fell into the guitar. The bridge also bends when I tune it so I need to get it replaced as well.

August 2

I've been trying to get a friend from where I used to live (Circleville,OH) to move up and get teh band that we have tlaked about since 7th grade rolling. Each time I visit, we jam the entire time and write several songs. He has decided to wait until my winter break so he can save up enough money to get comfortable with the city and the area while looking for a job. The original plan was for him to come up the week in between semesters, when I have time off to help him move up. But, that fell through because he still doesn't think he's going to have enough money when he gets here. Money does go fast, I know, but a thousand dollars is going to last you for a little while, man. Especially when all he does is sit there, and play his freakin bass guitar. But, the more moeny he has, the more he can spend on equipment.

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