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:: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 ::

Nov, 9 2003

            What  a day it has been. Holy SHIT man. Before I left for Madison for the week, I stopped at Mike’s house to burn the files that were on his MP3 player (which were all of the things that I left on my old computer) and shoot the shit for a little while. Bad idea. I was there for about an hour when Kay called and informed us that one of her roomies, Tracy I believe, had Tuberculosis. WTF?! I thought that was a dead disease that had vanished along with the likes of Small Pox or some shit. I guess not. She said that she was going to get tested for it, but the test would only yield conclusive results (at best) in 48 hours. What a great thing to hear. So, as TB is EXTREMELY contagious, and airborne for that matter, we felt that we should prolly go get tested sometime soon, like an hour before we got the call..Mike called his doctor, or the idiot who was on call anyway, and he said that we should wait a couple of weeks and get tested. That is not very reassuring. But, on the bright side we learned all kinds of helpful bits of information, like, it takes 2-10 weeks for the disease to show itself on a skin test, 2 million people a year die from it STILL, the only vaccination that is effective isn’t used in this country, and that watchful waiting “is not appropriate.” So depending on Kay’s results, which we should get in a couple days or so, I will go get tested. Chances are that if she has, Mike has it. Then if Mike has it, then I as well am fucked. God I hate this shit.

Update to all (three of you) who read this/check to see if I have had the time to blog (yes, I very much have):
            Nate phrased it best when he said “So, has anything NEW happened to anyone?” I answered with a resounding “Yeah, I have new movies to watch at my apartment by myself!” That pretty much covers any new things going on. School isn’t going as well as it was first semester. I got 2 B’s on my first 2 tests, and those are the first B’s that I have had on anything so far, the rest have been A’s. Pretty disappointed. Maybe I needed them. I don’t think so.

Quote of the day: “Breath…short….left arm….numb…..can’t go on describing symptoms much longer…….cough…..”-Comic Book Guy (Simpsons)


Nov 12, 2003

            Fuckin Kids….Kay has done it again..that is, messed with everyone. She was looking around for information on Harrington College, a school for Interior Design. Apparently the next day she got a call from someone at the school wanting to set up an interview, and did so. She went down, and when she came back she had decided that she was going to start at Harrington as soon as possible, because she was going to kill herself at Parkside, which is understandable. It’s not the most fun school to attend. Anyway, this new information sent a shockwave through the force field that is Mike and Kay’s relationship. Mike was not happy about this development, especially the fact that it all happened in a matter of days. When I heard about it, I immediately thought she was going through with it, and not only that, but she was going a bit too fast for her own good. She is 18, and very young for her age most of the time. I know she tries be mature, and sometimes is, but she can’t hide the fact that she is still young. I love the girl but she needs to realize that she can’t do all the things she wants to do all the time, especially when she doesn’t even know what they are. Namely, what she wants to do for the rest of her life, as I’m sure she doesn’t really have any fucking clue. This is uncommonly normal. Most people don’t know what they want to do until around senior year at college, if that. I got lucky and found MMI (Thanks A-ron) just in time. Anyway, she said that she was hurt by the fact that Mike and I pretty much tag-teamed her ass with advice, concern, and criticism. I guess she was talking to Mike about it, then later I talked to her about it and said the same thing. I’m not quite sure exactly what she told Mike about being hurt, but Jesus fucking Christ man, I don’t understand how people looking out for you can hurt your feelings like that.  Mike and I feel better now lol She has decided not to go to Harrington, at least for now. She said she was going to finish off her semester at Parkside and sit out the next one while moving back home and figuring out exactly what it is she wants to try and accomplish in life. Good idea, I say. Granted, she won’t be going to school, which sucks, but she will be at least a little productive. As long as she goes back to school somewhere, maybe Harrington, maybe fuckin UW Madison, it doesn’t really matter. I was in that position for a while, as you all know. I think it worked out for the best, except now I’m finding that I am interested in going to school for a little longer. Full Sail is sounding really fuckin appetizing. It would be especially nice if I waited until like fourth semester or so, that way I would have almost all of the required classes already taken at MMI. Granted it would still cost and insane amount of money, but I would be able to get 2 different degrees from 2 different schools. I have seen and heard about it and the equipment, as from the looks of it, MMI is like Parkside being compared to NYU. But, Full Sail is in Florida. Winter Park if I’m not mistaken. I’m not prepared to spend 5-800$ just to fucking visit the place, let alone pay 35,000$ to take a handful of classes. At least the Concert Production  program is only 13 months long. Oh well, it will probably end up being nothing but a thought, if not a missed opportunity. My parents are having enough trouble paying for my freeloading ass as it is, and I’m not going to bring up the fact that there is a better school for this that I might want to attend.

Quote of the Day: Kay-“Should we hire him a prostitute?” Secondhand response from me-”Well, if you want to pay her…”

Nov 17, 2003

            Interesting enough day. I had two fucking midterms today man. One in Digital Performer, which is a top of the line MIDI and Audio sequencing piece of software, and one in Music Business 2. Mind you, I have the same teacher for both of these. Of course, the scheduled midterm for Music Business was last week, but because of recent news, we (being the entire class) retook it, as 1 person got an A, 3 people got B’s, there were a few C’s and D’s, but over half of the class failed it. I think, as a teacher, that would be pretty fucking disheartening to see, especially if I was the one who wrote the test. Since he realized that over half of class failing couldn’t be completely our fault, he decided to make up another test, and throw the first one out. Good thing too. If I didn’t ace that piece of shit, I’ll kill myself. It was kind of sad though. The first test was ridiculously laid out, and the study guide we got didn’t cover half of the information we needed to know on the test, and when we reviewed the week before, we didn’t make it half way through the study guide, thanks to people being completely lost, and asking questions the entire time, not to mention the fact that the man is almost completely dyslexic almost all of the time, and needs a long time to think before he can give a decent answer to a decent question. The second test on the other hand….ha ha..was around 30 questions, all multiple choice and true-false. It was a complete turn-around from the first test.
            The Digital Performer test went pretty well. That is, at least the written part did. I looked over all my shit all night and for a couple hours before the test, so I’m not too worried about that part. The hands-on part went just swimmingly until I started to utilize the “Chunks” feature in the program. Chunks are specific sections of audio that you separate from the rest of the song, which helps a lot with arranging the song. It’s easy to think of them as parts of a song (chorus, verse, bridge, etc.). However, it’s not as easy to work with them. We didn’t go over it very well at all, for any number of reasons, most of which having something to do with the fact that this guy is not a very good teacher, plain and simple. We should be getting those back anytime now, and the Music Business results will show themselves soon enough.
            Midterm grades come out sometime this week I believe, so my parents will have some evidence that their THOUSANDS of dollars over the past few months haven’t been wasted (see: Parkside lol).
            Speaking of money, my parents were planning out their financial situation and came to an agreement on when my funding would stop. Their plan is to stop paying my way around a month after I graduate, which is perfectly acceptable. By then, they expect me to either have a full-time job and pay my own “damn rent,” or move back home. What a situation that will be. I’m almost expecting to move back home now that I think about it. If they want me to, I will toss them some money each month, as another one of their kids will be in school..and so on every two years. If I try to get a job in like L.A. or something, getting there and living there are going to be very formidable obstacles. On the other hand, if I move back home, find a job, maybe in Milwaukee or Chicago doing bitch work at a studio somewhere, I would have the opportunity to save up some money. It’s a really cool thing that they invited me to come live back home, but I’m also sure they realize that I am flat broke, and going to be so for a while. Then again, they did say in the beginning of all of this, that I wouldn’t have to pay rent as long as I lived at home, which is sweet. Not that I owe them any money…..J

Quote of the Day: Me-”What do you want again?”
                        Kay-”Whatever I can get.”
                        Me-”That’s Mike’s job.”
                        Kay-”No it’s not, it’s a team effort.”
                        Kay-”At least I’m honest.”
                        Me-”I hope not.”

December 2, 2003

            Wow, this Thanksgiving weekend really fucking sucked. Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Wednesday night, A-ron and I went over to Kay’s apartment for a night of drinking and watching TV. After a while, A-ron left and Kay and I ended up messing around. First off, that was a terrible thing to do, not only is/was she a very good friend of mine, but so is/was Mike and they are a little bit closer than Kay and I are, they happen to be dating, and probably, if Mike consents to it, eventually married. I’m not going to go into detail on what happened because both of our stories differ. I should point out that she exaggerated quite a bit, for reasons unknown to me, but probably to receive the least possible amount of blame. I will say, however, that she did say no. I want to make one thing clear right here: THERE WAS NO PHYSICAL FORCE EXERTED AT ANY TIME WHATSOEVER. That right there, if they decided to take legal action against me, could get me sent to jail, but it wasn’t saying no to sex. As a matter of fact, I’m not exactly sure what she was saying no to. So, she said that it was rape, after thinking about for a while, and decided to tell Mike this 10 minutes before he was about to eat Thanksgiving dinner. I’m sure that was fun. I was in Green Bay visiting family, when I got some text messages from Mike saying that he needed to talk to me. I felt so bad and still do for even thinking about doing what I did, that I didn’t talk to him, as he requested. I couldn’t talk to him because it made me sick to think about explaining this all to him, and having him feel extremely betrayed, which he should. I came back on Saturday from Chicago, where I was visiting other family, and talked to A-ron, who informed me that I was not supposed to contact them in any way, or try to, and that they never wanted to speak to me again. Shitty. When I came back, I was in a real hurry to talk to Mike and settle things. The thought of rape hadn’t even entered my mind, as I was assuming that Kay would be just as ashamed of the incident as I was and wanted it to be forgotten as soon as possible. I was wrong. A-ron told me that they were thinking about legal action, which would’ve sucked. Eventually, after a few hours of talking about it with A-ron, Mike finally called me and I talked to him about it, and let me know that legal action wasn’t an option anymore because it wouldn’t solve anything, which I agree with. He let me know that Kay was going to start seeing a counselor, and what they also agreed on was that I should see one too. I’m not quite what they want resolved by me seeing this counselor, but if that’s what I have to do to make things square with everyone again, then I shall. I don’t even know myself what goals, if any, I want  to be accomplished. That is obviously something I will need to think about for a while, and then I will seek someone out. I don’t know if I should go to one of the free ones like at Parkside or something, or if I should actually see a doctor. Probably a cheap doctor somewhere. That means I will have to tell my parents what is going on, so they know that when the bill comes, there is a reason for it lol. I could, on the other hand, wait until I am out of school to start counseling, especially if I have a full-time job and can afford it. Well, I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway, but it would create a lot less hassle in my life than there needs to be. I think so far it has been as stressful, interesting, and most of all, INSANE enough.

            Quote of the Day:

            Biff: (MIDI Concepts teacher) “You guys know who Laurie Anderson is right? You know, the girl who puts the light bulb in her mouth onstage?”
            Ron: (classmate) “The whole light bulb?”

February 19, 2004

            Yeah, so I’m keeping this thing updated, not that it really matters. I’m in my third semester at MMI now, as some of you know, or care, and I am taking some ridiculous fucking classes. Well, one in particular is pissing me off. Business English. I should have fucking transferred, I should have told Ed Hutchings to go fuck himself when he told me that I shouldn’t transfer any classes from Parkside due to the horrible grades I got. But, I did get a B in English. Granted it was an ACSK class, but it should still have covered it. I knew what a noun was then, and I still do now for fuck’s sake (Fuck you AND the adverb A-ron).
            Not much is goin on right now, I’m starting to come out of my shell so to speak, as far as going out and doing things with people up here. I got to go over to this girl Reba’s house, which was the shit. I’ve been there twice now actually (insert cocky voice). Once, when she was having a party, which was pretty fuckin sweet. She got the thing sponsored by Pabst lol. The best part was that I got to talk to her after everyone left for like 3 hours. The next time I got some beer and just shot the shit with her for a few hours. She seems really cool so far, I should try and hang out with her more often, but I have to be smooth (if I can even say that lol) and make it not seem like I really like her, which I do.
            As far as school goes, my lab class is a lot better than I thought it was going to be. It’s 8 hours long, which sucks, but it goes by very fast. We just bring in local bands and record them. It’s an excellent learning experience. Applied electronics is pretty fucking wicked. So far we’ve had to figure out currents and voltages and shit running through a given circuit.  History of Contemporary Music is pretty interesting. Now, this class I couldn’t have transferred because I failed it, then got a D. Go me. Advanced Pro Tools is fucking wicked-cool. When I graduate, I will be a certified operator. It seems pretty weak to call me an operator after 2 semesters of working my ass off to learn all I can about the program, but I’ll have my name on their website and shit, which will kick ass. Now all I need to do is win the lottery and buy my own Pro Tools rig. Oh it would be sweet.

Quote of the Day:
Nella (Business English Teacher):
            “Ok, moving on to present tense verbs. Who can give me an example of one in a sentence?”
Anthony (classmate):
            “This sucks.”
-He got kicked out of the class for that lol.

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