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:: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 ::

So yeah, I haven't blogged in a while and I'm sure the zero/1 people/person are very upset....
   I'm about to graduate MMI, yay, and I'm have absolutely no fuckin clue as to whaI would like to do afterwards. There are a couple of internships available in Milwaukee which sound pretty cool, but I would really like to stay in Madison if I could. The only problem is money. This place is damn expensive to live in. I would need a full-time job right out of school, and with the booming economy in conjunction with our genius of a president, the outlook on that scenario is looking pretty bad. So maybe I'll blog some other time, I am actually kind of busy with mixing Steve's band AnnahFought (website will be up soon) and doing the karaoke thing on Tuesdays for class.
Till then...

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