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:: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 ::

So I finally graduated college, or 'school' as some would have me say. I can't say that it was terribly hard either. I am thankful that I had no real expectations of the school, as a good number of the people that go, and that went there were not happy with what they left with. I am quite content and comfortable with what I have learned, even if I am a minority in that respect. Anyway, the time has come for me to re-enter the workforce, but I fully intend to take whatever advantage I can over people with this degree, and whatever that leads me to, so be it, provided I am happy with what I am doing. There are a few things in the mix right now. One being a guy in Cincinatti that one of teachers (Biff Blumfumgagne) knows, who hooked him up with a guy named Adrian Blue. This guy books people for tours, i.e. giutar techs, cooks, roadies, and what-have-you. Another prospect is a company in Milwaukee called the Burst Collective , but that is a free internship which I would rather not do. The ultimate for me, at least is the touring route. I've always wanted to travel and not really had the opportunity, minus a couple of roadtrips and moving a handful of times. Live sound is where it's at for me. I love shows and going to shows, as well as looking over the FOH Engineer's should, keeping tabs on what he is doing to keep the band sounding good no matter what the GD musicains are doing onstage. I haven't had the chance to observe the Monitor Engineer in action yet, but he is usually offstage somewhere, but within line-of-sight with the band members so as to compensate in adjustments for what the band members are doing. I was asked by Biff if I could do this, and seeing as I know how the structure is set up as far as signl flow and problem areas, I said yes, but I have never operated an actual monitor specific board, but how hard can it be? So, I'm hoping that Biff can pull through for me on this one as he has in the past, and get me a gig maybe as a guitar tech for an opening band or something of that nature.

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