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:: Saturday, December 04, 2004 ::

Maybe I should update this thing a little more frequently....Prolly not. Newayze, I still haven't found a job, but I got a 98 Pontiac Grand Prix, which I love, at least so far. I bought on Monday of this week, and I slid into a ditch on Tuesday. It was awesome. I hate the fact that you have to have a towing license in order to legally be able to pull someone out of a ditch, or any other towing needs people may have. If you didn't need one, This guy Joey would have freed me from the ditch, and I might have been able to get out of a 114$ ticket, whic I'm going to fight anyway. This was my first time skidding in a front wheel drive car, and now I need to relearn how to drive in one. Oddly enough, as were about to give up pulling my car out, we were walking up to the road, and down the road comes Beka, who sees us, slows down, and slides into the ditch across the street from us. Therer was no way that we could (we being Joey) pull her out with just an F150. Tha was actually kinda funny, once I ran over to them and made sure everyone was ok. Other than that, aint shit changed, bitch, check-nuts. I've been workin with my dad, tryin to find a real job. The woman from Badger Sound in West Allis said to call her in March. Sweet ;/ I realy think I'm going to end up working at like Speedway or some bullshit like that. And that better not happen. I'm out.

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