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:: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 ::

Well, I've been on the right track and getting my shit straight for a while now, at least since I started at MMI, and I think I can manage for a while longer. What I want to do is start my own venue, that is, for shows. There are a select few places that bands actually want to play at around here, and I think that with my love for music, and with the people that I know who are supporting me (two hands to count, tops), I think that I can really help the music scene in this area out. I might have to start off with a place the size of George's or the like, which is ok, but I don't want the place to be a bar first and a place for bands second. I want it the other way around. Now I know that many people have said and then not done that, but that is the driving force behind this little venture. I have the skills and will have the know-how to do it, and the more I think about how much fun it would be to be able to get to know new bands (hopefully) every night, the more the determination and commitment levels rise.

There is a girl by the name of Reba who I went to school and graduated with at MMI, who sort of turned me on to the whole idea, except she had sort of a different plan from the start. She wants a record store/coffee shop/venue. I would love to chat with her about this for a while and maybe hatch some ideas, but she lives in Milwaukee and is busy all the time so it's hard to get some time. That would be extraordinarily cool to say the least, but the market for coffeeshops isn't nearly as big as it was a few years ago, just look at Hepcatz/Cyber Grounds/ ABCB. There a few in Milwaukee that are doing just splendidly, but there are exceptions to every rule. As for the record store part, I love going and looking and shopping for music. I'm always broke so I don't get that opportunity very often, which I think helps make it special. But, record stores dont' make enough money, flat out. Unless you are the size of Best Buy, or have the hometown clout of a place like Mainstream Music or B-side Records in Madison, it is really really hard to get and keep the place afloat. I really like the idea of the all-in-one approach though. I think it could actually work. What wouldn't be cooler than going with your friends, slacking the day away in the coffee shop, listening to music, possibly hearing a band that you like playing in the background, and then, best case scenario, going down the fuckin stairs to see them play that same night? As for me, I wouldn't leave.

I suppose this place would have to be about the size of a Border's, or maybe a little bigger. There would need to be sufficient space for the coffee shop, tables and chairs and whathaveyou. I want the record store are to be about as big as, say an Exclusive Company store, or maybe an FYE dept. store. The venue part would be in the basement, or first floor, whatever, which would have to be fuckin huge, like enough for 1500 people. That's the pinnacle of the place, at least. About the size of the Rave room. I can always start out with a 300 person space or something, we'll have to see. That's where my heart will lie. I will be focused on that part of it moreso than any other, as that is my passion. I will be the toughest on myself in this aspect as well, as far as shelling out cash for gear and the like, which I will personally research and purchase and oversee installation of. The room has to sound good, and if the room doesn't, I and whoever else will make it.
So that's the dream. I will do my best in school and reasearch and all else involved to make this happen. Any advice from anyone who reads this is welcome.

:: Colin 9:02 PM [+] ::
:: Monday, January 03, 2005 ::
So back to Parkside it is, lol. I never thought I would say that. Damn their Business prgram being one of the best in the country it damn Parkside for being so close and tempting. I called Theron Snell (Schnell?), the Advising Officer and explained a little bit of my situation to him, and he said that I need to re-write an appeal letter. Man, here I am writing fucking papers again. Here's the catch. The letter needs to be in his hands by noon of Jan. 10th. Fine. Problem is, I really want to talk to him in length and find out what he has to say. He's not available for an appointment until the 12th. That fucking figures. So, I think I'm going to have to wait until next semester to re-start my career at Parkside. I'm going to go for a Business degree, or at least a few business classes. Sadly enough, I miss school. Hopefully Nick will be able to get me that job at Circuit City so I will have something to do until school starts next semester. Or even better yet, how about a job in my FUCKING FIELD! dammit people, hire me....please...

:: Colin 4:17 PM [+] ::

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