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Can't say that I'm ahead of my time, I fear my time will never come.
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:: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 ::

A date that will live in infamy...

Not sure if there was supposed to be a Part 2 to 'Here Goes' but if there is, this can be it .

So I had a dream last night which is quite possibly the most fucked up dream that I've had since the Apacolypse dream (A-ron can tell you about that). I had a dream that I was watching Questionable Content. Mind you, there is no animated version. Anyway, I was watching this show with my brother Sean in my den, and it happened to be this episode. Well, while I was watching this, they happened to be talking about King instead of her father, and well, I think I might have lost it in my sleep because it seemed to replay the last frame in the comic at least four or five times and every time I knew what was going to happen and I had to cover my face to keep from seeing it in action.

P.S. to A-ron and Nate: Fuck that.

:: Colin 2:00 AM [+] ::
I don't know what to say... It's noon and I'm drunk again Colin... I couldn't sleep last night, well, I passed out for 4 hours, and then couldn't sleep until she responded so I knew she was still here... What do I do man? I mean, you somewhat understand what I'm going through, or at least, the feelings growing in you. How long can you just hold on? How long can you try to make things better? And what about work? How long will I survive at GC?

I need a more permanent vacation. But like I said, it won't happen, unless I lose one of you again. I can more or less promise that. Call me up to shoot the shit while you are in bumfuktegypt. P E A Ce.
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